For Artists

Do you want to release your material by our label? Great! Feel free to contact us, send basic info about your band/project and of course a link to your material (for example YouTube, Bandcamp or link to download from file hosting; please do not send music in e-mail attachement directly). Please send link to whole material you are interested to release, not only single track/s. We will answer as soon as possible. We are open for Raw/Grim/Depressive Black Metal and other genres depressive focused bands/projects from whole world.

If you decide to work with us, you should know that we prefer clear rules of work. Usually, we propose 10-50 (10/20/30/40/50) hand-numbered copies of release. Of course we can discuss about different limit if you want to increase or decrease the ammount. After final decision, we offer 10% free copies for you as a “repay”, shipped to you on our cost (in system 10/1, 20/2, 30/3, 40/4, 50/5, without cases). Additional copies are available for half price if you need it (also without cases). Besides it, we do not want any money from you and do not pay any money for you. We do not require any exclusiveness too, so you can release same material where you want and when you want.

Currently, we are releasing materials on CD-Rs only. The artwork can be prepared for jewel box version (2/4 pages booklet for front + traycard for back + CD label), slim box version (2/4 pages booklet + CD label) or simple paper sleeve version (front + back + CD label). We can print both in full color or grayscale. We will send you our templates for all needed atwork. You must do it yourself, but we can help you if you have problems with it. Remember to use full space of templates (with margins included), but don’t put any important informations near to margins due to cut risk.

We also make digital (download) version as a standard “add-on” to each CD-R release, but at the same time, we have nothing against you, if you want to sell your music in digital version on your own too (you have full rights to do that). We also make promotional video on YT channel.

Working with us automatically means accept all of these informations&rules.